Poll: How Ethical is Amazon? | The Green Stars Project

Why you should avoid Amazon right now

Faster shipping = a higher carbon footprint

  1. Faster shipping means a higher carbon footprint. This is well-known and it’s logical that there have to be more journeys when customers want their package delivered overnight. And Amazon has been widely criticized for not making much effort to reduce their carbon footprint. All of the Amazon vans driving around my neighborhood are brand new Ford Transit vans — why don’t they at least have an electric truck fleet that they charge with renewable power at their warehouses? Incidentally, Amazon Web Services also rates poorly for carbon footprint compared to its main competitors, Microsoft and Google.
  2. Faster shipping means more stress on workers. I won’t labor this point because you’ve probably already read something about the plight of Amazon warehouse or delivery workers — the higher risk of Covid, the draconian timekeeping app that tracks each of them, the regular elimination of slower staff, the anti-unionization efforts, and the gradual conversion of humanity into robots (until it becomes cheaper for robots to take over). Amazon has improved some conditions for workers but that’s always in response to media spotlight. Even now, it seems that the much-touted minimum wage of $15 per hour has loopholes that are abused by sub-contractors.

How ethical is Jeff Bezos?

How ethical is Amazon



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